Canadian attitude towards EHR

As an American and Canadian dual national, I found this EHR Intelligence article about dueling surveys as amusing as it was informative. It seems that Canadians are much more receptive to EHRs than Americans. According to a 2012 Harris Decima survey, a whopping 85 percent of Canadians thought that EHRs were a good or very good idea. Moreover, more than half of them had no privacy or other concern about their records being in electronic format.

Contrast that to a Harris Interactive survey for Xerox conducted around the same time which found that 85 percent of Americans expressed “anxiety” about having their records digitized. Almost two-thirds (63 percent) feared that a hacker would steal their personal data; half worried that the data would be lost, damaged or corrupted. Only one-quarter (26 percent) said that they wanted their medical records to be digitized.

Read more: Canadian attitude towards EHRs may be healthier than ours – FierceEMR

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