Greene Health Care Inc Presents – The Top 3 Reasons Why All Hospices Will Require #EMR Software In 2014

(PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Presenting the top 3 reasons why all hospices need to fully automate workflow to meet demanding regulatory compliance requirements in 2014, Greene Health Care Inc. discusses the various updates being made in to their vendor’s hospice software, including the new Medication Management Solution to satisfy the constantly changing requirements for hospice care in 2014.

Streamlining the various processes involved in hospice care while ensuring that the ever-changing compliance standards are met requires smartly designed, intelligent, and more importantly user-centric EMR software. Greene Health Care clients have moved to an EMR software to automate their workflow while providing a robust reporting system, certifications, admissions, referrals, visit logs, level of care tracking, census tracking, A/R, revenue, medications management, among others. The hospice software also supports clinical charting for all disciplines, provides comprehensive assessments, customizable care plans, staff communications, certification tracking, claims/billing services, customizable alerts, IDG reporting, and a lot more.
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