Dubai’s Canadian Specialist Hospital wins top rating for move towards electronic medical records

Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH), one of the leading private sector hospitals in the UAE, has won the topmost rating from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for progress made in electronic documentation in line with international best practices in integrating information technology for improved patient care.

The DHA evaluation of the level of electronic documentation of medical records in hospitals was based on the internationally accepted Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM). The evaluation process also coincides with Dubai’s ‘Smart City’ initiative, aimed to transform the city into one of the smartest in the world by providing seamless access to various services and utilities across high speed wireless internet.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enable hospitals and clinicians to maintain and track data over digital devices to identify and monitor patients for preventive visits, screening and timely intervention. With the paperless system, authorised persons can update data using the Hospital Management System (HIS) anywhere in the hospital so that for doctors, nurses and care-givers have quick and easy access to real-time patient information.

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