Home Monitoring of Patients by Doctors

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As electronics applications get more sophisticated, and the pressure keeps increasing to keep medical costs down, doctors will more and more rely on home monitoring of patients. Electronic devices at home, such as blood-pressure monitors, digital scales, pulse and oxygen monitors, and EKG recorders to name a few, can easily be monitored remotely by doctors using a home “telestation.” Home telestations can also be programmed to ask relevant questions which can be answered with push button responses.

Monitoring of diabetics’ sugar levels is one of the early applications of this technology, where the data is not always relayed to the doctor, but sometime to a parent via cell phone or to the patient herself. Alarms can wake up a patient, or a parent to advise of an otherwise unnoticed medical situation.

This is just the beginning of what we can be looking forward to in the future.

For a comprehensive…

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