This surgeon loves her job. But it’s killing her.

What do you do when you love your job, but it’s killing you?

That’s an easy question if it’s asked by someone else.  It’s a hard question when you’re asking it of yourself.  As a physician, I give advice to people all the time — other people.  If you have diabetes, control your diet.  If you are obese, then lose weight and exercise.  If you have COPD, then you better not continue smoking.  Common problems.  Obvious solutions.

What if burnout is your problem?  When your cell phone rings, you get tachycardia wondering what catastrophe awaits you.  You work 80 hour weeks and have no time to recuperate between catastrophes.  When you’re not working, your mind is still there, wondering what you could have done differently; feeling responsible for any bad outcome; feeling thankful and lucky (more relieved than proud) of any good ones.  Even when you’re not at work, your mind is.

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