#IoT #DDoS loophole? Do You Still Trust The Internet?

Cyber-warfare – Yesterday a massive DDoS attack took down a large portion of the Internet leaving sites offline or at dial-up speed. At first it was thought that the issue was neutralized, however as midday approached another massive attack rendered major sites unavailable. The attack was targeted at a major domain DNS server provider, however the ramifications to the attack were seen to be much more substantial. Sites like Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, PayPal, Kijiji, Pinterest and even the entire PlayStation Network were down or struggling. This was only a small portion of the list. At the moment we still do not know who initiated the attack, however it’s thought that IoT (Internet of Things) devices may actually be the an accessory to the crime. With so many providers affected we now need to take time analyze how this may affect online EMR providers in the future. Can IoT malware attacks and other types render cloud based applications offline? How does this affect patient care?

To read more about the attack that shutdown a large portion of the Internet click on the links below:



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