The Star Trek tricorder inspired this invention

Physician S.S. (Sonny) Kohli was volunteering in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there in 2010, and he was treating a woman with chest pains.

“The usual course of action would be to do an EKG [electrocardiogram] and get a picture of her heart. It’s basic technology, relatively inexpensive, but not inexpensive enough for the hospital there.”

That’s when it dawned on him.

“The world needs inexpensive, portable medical technology that can leverage existing infrastructure, like the Internet and smartphones,” says Dr. Kohli, who is an internal medicine specialist and also helps run the intensive care unit at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Southern Ontario.

Today, in addition to his regular medical duties, Dr. Kohli is an innovator – co-founder of a startup called Cloud DX, a spinoff of Mississauga medical tech company Biosign Technologies.

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